About The Gathering Tree

If you are looking for a unique, picturesque venue or space; you will find it here with us. Your wedding day should be nothing short of perfection.

For celebrations and weddings both large and small The Gathering Tree is a five-hundred-year-old live oak tree, not the largest of Texas, but the twenty-foot round base,and  eighty-foot wide  canapy that is sixty-five feet tall is the as perfect symmetrical wonder of nature. setting all alone, along a creek ,a romantic site of a romantic gathering of lovers to court, and slip away.  As history of a well known of the resting spot of the Chilsome trail, as well of , the pioneers and settlers when the west was won. when  ranches were staked and  clamed. The Granger ranch decendents , forth and fith, generations joined hands and married , and friends of the past gathering  together, with family and friends. It is now opened to the public for a romantic and traditional , and special  events .Whether you are looking to just hire an officiant for a quick ceremony or if you'd like a wedding for hundreds of guests, we can accommodate your vision on our family owned cattle ranch that was estabished in 1879. There are gorgeous rolling hills all around you as well as a creek, natural floral landscaping, and the infamous 500 year old tree.

The possibilities are endless here. We are completely customizable and allow for outside vendors. We have a thirty twomhundred sqare foot pavelion tent with a 369 view,with clar walls, and climate control. for rehersaldinners, and the reception hall, that includes white cushion garden chairs for the viewing  & banquit hall seating with round tables, dance floor and a stage ,for the entertanment all part of the Wedding package, and facilitys , and wash rooms. The bridle sute package is a must see , and a one of a kind ,for the day to remember for the years to come, and traditions to follow, the spirit of The Gathering tree, of rumers, or gossip, by the old timers the start of the ending , to the two love bandits. told storys of Bonnie & Clydes first hide away of 1939  Waco escape, and last seen, and told the shoot out in Hill county.

We can even include some longhorns for ambiance or you can take a horse drawn buggy ,or carriage ride for the bride, or a ride, in a royal blue chevy pick up. from the bridle suite to the magnifcant mystry and beuty of central texas folklore.